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    17 Tips For Epic Canadian Road Trips!

    As someone who grew up doing road trips across Canada and through the USA with my family, I’ve become a fairly well traveled person when it comes to hitting the open road. The last 2 summers I’ve had the opportunity to drive across the entire country of Canada from ocean to ocean, camping and exploring along the way. Through these experiences I’ve compiled a list of road trip tips that will help you have a successful Canadian road trip! Continue Reading

  • Canada

    The Famous Lighthouse of Peggy’s Cove

    While finishing my cross Canada road trip this summer though Canada’s Atlantic provinces, there was one place I just had to visit. Located on the rocky shores of Nova Scotia, just…

  • Indonesia Surfing

    Catching Waves At Surf Camp in Bali

    When you think of the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia, I’m sure a few images come to mind. Untouched jungle paradise, yoga retreats, scuba diving, pristine beaches and luxury resorts,…

  • Horseback Riding Indonesia

    Bali By Horseback

    As a lifelong lover of all things horsey, and someone who rides on a regular basis back home, I always search to fuel my horse love while traveling. In the past…