Mishaps & Misadventures – The Bull Of Cape Breton

    As you all know things don’t always go according to plan when your traveling and sometimes there are little occurrences that set you back. It’s just part of the world of travel and a good reminder that you really have no control over what the universe throws at you. Flights will be delayed, mother nature throws a tantrum now and then, cultures clash and misunderstandings will inevitably occur. I’ve decided to start this little series of short stories and anecdotes of just such misadventures that I’ve experienced while traveling. Continue Reading

  • Indonesia

    Bali By Horseback

    As a lifelong lover of all things horsey, and someone who rides on a regular basis back home, I always search to fuel my horse love while traveling. In the past…

  • Canada

    Sea Kayaking on Vancouver Island

    I had arrived on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the day before and only had until 4 pm before I had to be on the ferry back to the main land. With less…